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3 Feb 2020

Every printer, no matter how big the brand name is facing some technical issues sooner or later. No one can bear the issues with their printers as it affects productivity. Beyond the common problem such as ink error or offline issue, the printer might have stopped suddenly. 

You have tried all the fixing techniques to work the printer normally. Such as rebooting your computer but nothing seems work. These are where you need professional printer technicians to fix the issue.  

Problem Faced by the Users

Here are some of the most common issues experienced by users.

  1. The printer is Printing but the Pages are Streaked

This is the most annoying issue experienced by users. The printer quality depends on the ink or the toner cartridges. Also, the paper type can influence the print quality.

In this condition, ensure that you use the right paper type for printing, In case, the paper is not the problem, the toner can be the culprit. So, gently take out the toner. If you use ink rather than the toner, it is quite possible that you have to replace the inks.

  1. The computer is Sending the Print Job to the Wrong Computer

In case, you are using more than one computer, you might encounter this issue. To fix the error, proceed to the Devices and Printers folder. Thereafter, you have to right-click on the printer that creates trouble for you.

You will see several options to make the printer as a default printer. These steps might be different depending on your computer. But most of the time these steps are generally the same.

  1. 50.4 Error

This is quite a common error code. The laser printer has a feature called fuses. Like the toner cartridges and drum unit, you have to replace the Fuses after a certain time. If you have not replaced it, then this error code pops up on the screen. So, replace the fuses with a new one. 

  1. Spooler Error Message

A spooler is basically a software that stores the print job on the hard disk of the computer. However, the storage is temporarily and it will no longer be stored on the printer after the completion of the printing job.

In case you have waited for a long time to print something, there can be a problem with the spooler. The simplest way to fix the problem is to reset the spooler as well as your computer.

You can solve these issues on your own. However, it is always better to take help from a printer technician as they have several years of experience in that filed. You are using an HP printer and have experienced the same issue, looking for a reliable HP printer Repair service near your locations?, contact with the team member of the HP printer Repair Dubai and get all service at a very low cost.

Why Choose Us?

We have some expert printer repair technicians with a reputed printer repair service in UAE. Besides that, we offer our clients all kinds of repair services. We attent any printer related issue and fix it at a minimum time.

First, our team members find out the root cause of the issue, and before the work is carried out, we inform you of the actual cost of the printer repair.

Hence, if you live in Dubai and searching for a nearby
printer technician, we are always ready to hold your hand.


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